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  .:New Items Added to Site Store:.    [6/25/07]

I recently added or updated over 30 items in the Site Store! You can still purchase items with the EddieWeb logo by visiting the "Site Store" link. The new items that were just added include: caps, dark t-shirts, green t-shirts, infant/toddler t-shirts, junior hoodies, junior spaghetti tanks, kids baseball jerseys, kids dark t-shirts, kids hoodies, kids light t-shirts, kids sweatshirts, long sleeve dark t-shirts, mini buttons, mini button 10-packs, organic cotton t-shirts, rectangle magnets, rectangle magnet 10-packs, trucker hats, women's long sleeve dark t-shirts, women's cap sleeve t-shirts, women's dark t-shirts, women's dark v-neck t-shirts, women's long sleeve t-shirts, women's plus size dark t-shirts, women's plus size scoop shirts, women's plus size v-neck shirts, women's tracksuits, and women's v-neck t-shirts.

Check out the Site Store to see!

  .:Important Message from Eddie:.    [5/27/07]

I want to take this time to thank every one of my site's viewers since my web site was established almost 10 years ago. I wish I could thank people individually, but all of my dedicated visitors have helped play a part in my further maintenance and expansion of this web site and its features.

[ Read the full story here ]

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For information on how to contact Eddie directly, please visit the Contact page.

For information on how to donate to EddieWeb.com, please click here
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  .:Videos Moved:.    [5/20/07]

The videos that were previously placed here have been moved to YouTube.

Please search the YouTube website or contact me for a link.

  .:Advertising Opportunity:.    [9/5/06]

If you are interested in advertising on EddieWeb.com, please see our eBay listing (Item #320024480628).

Currently, advertising opportunities are being reserved for winning bidders of this eBay auction ONLY. We are currently not accepting advertisements from outside agencies, only the winning bidder from the eBay listing. This is to ensure that the winning bidder's advertisements are displayed as soon as possible after the auction ends.

If you have any questions pertaining to our advertisement opportunities, including alternative advertising methods and locations, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support!

  .:H.R. Jones 5th Grade Graduation CDs:.      [6/23/06]  rev. [9/5/06]

   Congratulations to the 5th Grade Class of H. R. Jones School!!

   Thanks to all the students and parents who purchased a CD copy of the Jones School 5th Grade Graduation Slideshow Presentation!!! This year's slideshow presentation at graduation was a big success! Thanks to all of you who submitted pictures of the class for the slideshow! The slideshow CDs were distributed to the students on Friday, June 23, in school. I hope you enjoyed the slideshow and had a great summer! Best of luck to all the graduates!!

If you are interested in any of my other services (videotaping, computer presentations, website design, graphic arts, editing, etc.) please click here to contact me. I will be available throughout most of the summer for any type of work!!


  .:Guestbook & Site Store Launched:.    [7/7/05]

Today I have launched the new guestbook and revised site store, as I had said in my last posting. This summer I will have a little more time, so I am still going to be doing work to the Games page, and adding several new games to the list. If you have any favorites that you would like to see, please let me know.

Again, as for the site store, merchandise branded with the EddieWeb.com logo are manufactured and shipped by CafePress.com. Discounts will be posted on EddieWeb.com as well as coupon codes, as they become available. Your support by purchasing merchandise from the store would be greatly appreciated!

  .:Guestbook & Site Store Returning:.    [5/10/05]

I will be bringing back a newly revised and re-designed guestbook and site store within the next few weeks. The guestbook will be a newly re-designed model and the site store includes many new items and updated logos on the merchandise. You can purchase hats, mugs t-shirts, buttons, magnets, etc. from the site store! I may also launch a new feature, a site chat, where visitors can chat with me or each other via a server chat client. Keep checking back for more updates!
Some other ideas I have for possible upcoming features are: message board, fan photos (or visitor of the week page), or a newsletter.

  .:Revised Ad Campaign:.    [5/5/05]

I have again lowered the prices for the advertising packages. Advertisement packages now start at $5 a week, and I'm currently running a campaign that saves you 10%-50% off all monthly packages. You can advertise in a 468x60 banner space for as little as $12 a week or just $24 a month (50% savings). Or you can have an 88x31 button/banner for just $5 a week. As of right now, PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, and I'm willing to offer a free trial period to those prospective advertisers interested. Contact me for details!

  .:New Poll Question:.    [3/21/05]

I have changed the poll question, and posted the results of the previous poll question to the right panel of the site. Based on the results of the last poll, site chat, message board, and site store are the top 3 requested features. The new poll question is: What do you visit/use most on EddieWeb.com? Please take a second to vote in this poll!

  .:Beginning Ad Campaign:.    [1/23/05]

Effective immediately, I will be launching an advertisement campaign on my website. Packages are available starting at as little as $10! If you are interested in advertising on EddieWeb.com, please go to the "Advertise" link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to take advantage of the special offer for the first new advertisers: 10%-25% off all monthly ad packages. Click for details.

  .:New Poll Question:.    [1/22/05]

I changed the poll question on the pages today. The new poll question is "What feature would you like to see next on EddieWeb.com?" Be sure to vote! The choices are:

Guestbook (visitors leave their comments) 
Fan Photos (page where visitors submit their photos or artwork to be featured on EddieWeb.com), 
Site Store (purchase official EddieWeb.com merchandise) 
Message Board (visitors and members post forum topics) 
Site Chat (visitors chat with the webmaster and eachother), 
Newsletter (email circular to all subscribers) 
Other (if you have other suggestions, I would be happy to hear from you, so please send me an email).

Please vote now using the poll on the left side of the page.

  .:New Year, New Features:.    [1/6/05]

I'm currently in the process of thinking and designing some new features and promotions for my site. I'm thinking of possibly having a photo contest or fan's photo page, where visitors can submit pictures, art, photos, or graphics to be featured on EddieWeb.com. I'm also thinking of (finally) adding a guestbook or message board. And another idea is bringing back the site store. But, please, I need some help deciding. Please send me your input on what ideas you would like to see. Go to the Contact Page to send me your feedback. Thanks, and HAPPY 2005!

Looking for an old site update? Check the News Archive.

More Game & MIDIs
I will be adding some new games and many more MIDIs to the site within the next few weeks. Be sure to come back and check them out!
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What feature would you like to see next on EddieWeb.com? (20 Votes)

Guestbook - 10.0%

Fan Photos - 5.0%

Site Store - 20.0%

Message Board - 20.0%

Site Chat - 30.0%

Newsletter - 0.0%

Other - 15.0%

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